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Equilibrium® improves fruit setting in stone fruit, thus increasing their early development.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Field Experience | Frut trees | Equilibrium®

Equilibrium® is a bio-stimulant using synergic action to improve fruit development, from fruit setting to maturation. In earlier studies, we have presented yield improvements associated with an increase in fruit setting rates and quality parameters, including demonstrating improvements in various relevant Spanish crops (horticulture, olive, citrus).

Since stone fruit trees are planted at wide intervals in order to get higher caliber fruit, as well as improvements in certain quality parameters, we planned a series of trials in peach, nectarine and apricots to test if Equilibrium® might implement a quicker fruit development and, therefore, an earlier, higher value crop.

Results on peachs:

Crop Peach
Variant Plagold 10
Location Blanca
Plantation plot (m) 2.5 x 5
Plantation age 8 years
Plantation density 800

equilibrium peach

Average ± SEM, test LSD (α=0.1)

Equilibrium® shows the best yield increment in the first sample (early development) whereas the standard products have worse results than the control.

Results on nectarines:

Crop Nectarine
Variant Atinea
Location Cieza
Plantation plot (m) 2 x 4
Plantation age 5 years
Plantation density 1250

equilibrium nectarin

Average ± SEM, Student-Newman-Keuls test, α=0.1

Equilibrium® achieves a yield increase of 40% in the first sample (early development).

Results on apricots:

Crop Apricot
Variant Luca
Location Cieza
Plantation plot (m) 3.5 x 5
Plantation age 8 years
Plantation density 571

equilibrium apricot

Average ± SEM, test LSD (α=0.1)

The usage of Equilibrium®, with the aim of improving early development, proved highly effective and achieved consistent better yield in the first sample. This is of importance for the production sector, given the higher prices achieved by early fruits.

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