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Role of amino acid-based biostimulants to ameliorate crop damaging effect and increase efficiency of post-emergence herbicides in field crops.

November 2019
Bioestimulantes | Posters | Terra-Sorb®

Post-emergence herbicides are commonly used to control weeds in field crops worldwide Depending on their crop selectivity, herbicides may cause crop adverse effects particularly under stress conditions, such as reduction of chlorophyll content, affection in photosynthesis performance and appearance of micronutrient deficiencies On the other hand, the application of amino acid based biostimulants have beneficial effects on crops reducing production losses caused by environmental stresses Howe...

Bioactive properties of biostimulants obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis

November 2017
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Amino acid-based biostimulant is a commonly used category for those biostimulants that are obtained by hydrolysis of protein extracts. However, in addition to the content in L-Amino acids, they usually contain a complex matrix of several bioactive substances, including other organic-N compounds, mineral elements, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleotide derived metabolites and other compounds. This complex composition of bioactive components makes it difficult to ascribe a unique mode of action to ...

Dealing with spotted wing drosophila: new insights on Suzukii Trap® bait performance worldwide.

May 2017
Posters | Suzukii Trap®

Since the recent nearly worldwide establishment of Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in berry crops, various methods are being tested to control their invasive populations. Strategy components such as insecticide treatments, mass trapping or attract and kill are being considered for integrated management. Monitoring of populations, early detection and damage threshold establishment with an effective attractant and trap has become essential for managing this invasive pes...

Ceratitis capitata control on table grapes in Spain by the mass-trapping system Cera Trap®

May 2017
Posters | Cera-Trap®

The Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) ,Ceratitis capitata,is a world wide agricultural pest with an extremely high invasive potential, which makes this species difficult to control. Mass trapping techniques a recurrently one of the most common control methods applied against Medfly as an alternative to standard insecticide sprays. CeraTrap® is a pesticide-free attractant formulation of natural origin, based on a liquid protein mixture obtained by an exclusive enzymatic hydrolysis.CeraTrap®(...

Prevención y control integrado del oídio con Armurox® en cultivos de hortícolas y fresón.

February 2017
Posters | Armurox®

Entre las enfermedades de origen fúngico que afectan a los cultivos hortícolas destaca por su importancia epidemiológica el oídio. Armurox® es un inductor de resistencia en base a un complejo de péptidos y Silicio soluble, desarrollado por el departamento de I+D de Bioibérica. Los objetivos del presente trabajo son mostrar algunas de las experiencias en cultivos hortícolas y fresón, así como elucidar su mecanismo de acción en un patosistema modelo.

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