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Twelve years of Ripeners Program: Evaluation of new alternatives

September 2015
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The application program of ripeners is a task within the program of maintenance and development of commercial plantations of CATSA. It is set at the beginning of the ripening stage of the crop. Basically seeking three objectives: A) Promoting short-term maturity on the upper third of the stem of sugar cane. B) Encouraging a reduction of foreign matter promoting a better quality of burning at harvest. C) Encicle areas by planting time outdated or varietal component. Its answer is largely rela...

Resistance against Pyricularia and increased yield in rice cultivation with a new source of bioavailable Silicon

June 2015
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Rice (Oryza sativa) is a typical Silicon accumulator plant (Si), in which fertilization programs is common the application of this element for its beneficial action. Thee high accumulation Si in the shoots of rice increases both multiple resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses. Silicon is the second most abundant element on the ground, however, is poorly soluble so there is a growing need to use exogenous sources of assimilable silicon, that enhance absorption and maximize their effec...

Evaluation of food attractants for the adult monitoring of fruit fly in South American apple crops.

November 2014
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The objective of the trail was to evaluate the effectiveness of food attractants in the capture of adults of Anastrepha fraterculus on apple trees in Brazil. In all orchards evaluated the total fruit flies captured was greater in the traps baited with CeraTrap®, followed by Torula, BioAnastrepha® and red grape juice. The attractant of CeraTrap® is more effective in the period of pre and fruit harvest.

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