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Evaluation of bait efficiency for control of Drosophila suzukii in berries

October 2020
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E. Borda, C. Marín, N. Sierras, P. Minkov, D. Georgiev, N. Palagacheva, J.C. García, J. Pascual, J.Á. Mora
Bioiberica SAU, Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture (Troyan , Bulgaria), Agricultural University , Plovdiv, Bulgaria, R&D, Cooperativa Cuna de Platero de Moguer, Huelva, Spain
4th TEAM Meeting

TheThespotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii( Diptera Drosophilidae is aninvasive pest that has spread around the worldover the last years This fruit fly has become amajor pest for wild and cultivated berry crops inEurope and America In the area of southern ofSpain, the largest producer of European berries,as well as in southeastern and middle Europe, thisinvasive pest has become a problem This fastgrowth of the pest needs an exhaustive fruit flymonitoring in order to adapt the best pest controlstrategy The capture of females (reproductiveagent) is a good indicator for monitoring the pestand contributes significantly to the interruption ofthe reproductive cycle of the pest thus reducingfruit damage.

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