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Enhancing foliar iron uptake with amino acids complexes

June 2016
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Foliar fertilization is an alternative tool in the treatment of iron chlorosis and other micronutrient deficiencies, especially in conditions where the correction through the soil is limited: immobilization of nutrients in the soil (high pH, organic matter or clay), high nutrient lixiviation or crops with no irrigation. Among iron fertilizers, synthetic chelates applied by foliar spray do not necessarily represent and advantage for Fe fertilization. They are costly for farmers, environmentally ...

Response of ‘Banilejo’ Mango to Foliar Applications of a Biostimulant Based on Free Amino Acids and Potassium

March 2015
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Research was conducted to determine the effects of a biostimulant containing 5% free amino acids with 30% K2O on marketable fruit number, average fruit weight and soluble solids concentration in fruit juice of ‘Banilejo 3’ mango. The biostimulant rates used were 0 (check), 2, 4, and 6 ml of biostimulant formulation per L of water, applied to run-off on flowering trees and repeated three times at three week intervals. The number of marketable fruits per tree increased with increasing biostim...

X International Mango Symposium

July 2013
Scientific Communications | AminoQuelant®

Experiments were conducted to determine the effects of a biostimulant formulation containing 5% free amino acids with 1% N and 30% K2O (AminoQuelant®- K) on fruit set and size of mango ‘Banilejo’. Fruit number and weight increased as spray concentrations increased from 0 to 4 ml per liter. The concentration of soluble solids in the fruit juice also increased as spray concentrations of the biostimulant were increased. These results indicate thatunder the conditions of this research, this...

9th Days of Experimentation in Fruitgrowing

November 2011
Scientific Communications | AminoQuelant®

Nutrient deficiency stress produced by the low availability of a nutrient or a nutritional imbalance is one of the main limiting factors in the production and fruit quality. The foliar application of macro and micronutrients with amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis, natural organic complex, allows contributing with the deficient element in a totally available form, thanks to the bioestimulant properties of the amino acids. Results show an improvement on production in quantity and quality o...

2nd Conference of the Fertilization Group of the Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences

November 2007
Scientific Communications | AminoQuelant®

Improved quality parameters in peach trees and strawberries by the addition of Ca or K with amino acids. This study evaluates the efficacy of the application of two products - AminoQuelant-K and AminoQuelant-Ca (amino acids with K and Ca, respectively), specially designed by the Bioibérica, S.A. R&D department to improve fruit production and quality.

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