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Bioactive properties of biostimulants obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis

November 2017
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Anna Botta, Núria Sierras, Cándido Marín, Javier Palazón, Christine H. Foyer
R&D Department, Plant Physiology Division, BIOIBERICA S.A.U., Pol. Ind. Mas Puigvert. Ctra. N-II, Km. 680,6. Palafolls (Barcelona), 08389, Spain, Plant Physiology Laboratory, Facultat de Farmacia, Universitat de Barcelona, Av. Diagonal, 643. Barcelona, 08028, Spain
3r World Biostmulant Congress, Miami (FL, USA)

Amino acid-based biostimulant is a commonly used category for those biostimulants that are obtained by hydrolysis of protein extracts. However, in addition to the content in L-Amino acids, they usually contain a complex matrix of several bioactive substances, including other organic-N compounds, mineral elements, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleotide derived metabolites and other compounds. This complex composition of bioactive components makes it difficult to ascribe a unique mode of action to the biostimulant. In order to identify the biostimulants properties from those merely due to nutritional effects, a 3- stage level study is proposed, considering agronomic, physiological and molecular assays assessments, with the objective to compile synergistic effects of a pool of ingredients and provide integration of different discipline approaches.

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