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CROP-SCAN® a remote detection system for plant stress diagnosis

February 2014
Posters | Crop-Scan®

CROP-SCAN ® is a remote detection system for crop stress diagnosis and management. It is based on images obtained by thermal and multispectral cameras by flying over farms in determinate conditions. The technology used allows the integration on a map, with optimal spatial and temporal resolution, of the plant physiological parameters that indicate the status, development and production of the crop. The system allows to perform a precision agriculture by identifying every tree of the studied...

VII Iberian Congress of Agricultural Engineering and Horticultural Sciences

December 2013
Scientific Communications | Crop-Scan®

Crop-Scan® is a diagnosis service of crop stress, based on aerial images obtained by remote sensing with thermal and multispectral cameras in manned aircraft. This technology allows integrating on a map, with an optimized spatial and temporal resolution, different physiological parameters that provide representative data of the condition and development of the crop in each part of the assessed plot. Crop-Scan® is implemented to work on woody crops, as fruit trees, citrus, vineyard and oliv...

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