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Evaluation of Armurox® (Complex of peptides with soluble silicon) on mechanical and biotic stresses in gramineae

September 2014
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Botta A., Rodrigues F.A., Sierras N., Marín C., Cerdà J.M., Brossa R.
Bioiberica, S.A. Research Department, Plant Physiology Division, Barcelona, Spain, Viçosa Federal University (UFV), Department of Plant Pathology, Viçosa (MG), Brazil
6th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture, Sweden

Silicon is absorbed as monosilicic acid and it is accumulated as amorphous hydrated silica ((SiO2)x.nH2O) in the plant body, thus limitation of its soluble forms difficult assimilation by plants. Silica deposition is one of the important characteristics of the family Poaceae (gramineae), among others. In this family of high agronomic importance its role has been widely studied: it is involved in the mechanical stability of tissues, protection against fungi, insects and herbivores, resistance to drought, facilitation of light interception, and alleviation of problems caused by nutrient deficiency and excess. In addition it is also known that certain peptides strengthen gramineae natural defenses. Therefore, many researchers and field technicians has been implicated on evaluating the effectiveness of Armurox, a product containing soluble silicon and specific peptide compounds that has been developed by Bioiberica, either for foliar spray or soil application.

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