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14th National Congress of Horticultural Sciences

June 2015
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The effect of using amphipathic lipids as an edible coating on Royal Rosa variety stored plumbs at 1°C for 50 days and 1 day at 20ºC was analyzed. Treated plumbs reduced their ethylene emission levels. Likewise, their respiration rate was lower than in control fruits. This kept the plumbs quality for longer. In addition, throughout the storage period, they showed smaller maturity index and weight losses than the control fruits. All treated plums showed a better external appearance due to d...

Perturbations of Amino acid metabolism associated with Glyphosate-dependent inhibition of shikimic acid metabolism affect cellular redox homeostasis and alter the abundance of proteins involved in photosynthesis and photorespiration

December 2011
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The herbicide glyphosate inhibits the shikimate pathway of the synthesis of amino acids such as phenylalanine, tyrosine, andtryptophan. However, much uncertainty remains concerning precisely how glyphosate kills plants or affects cellular redoxhomeostasis and related processes in glyphosate-sensitive and glyphosate-resistant crop plants. To address this issue, weperformed an integrated study of photosynthesis, leaf proteomes, amino acid profiles, and redox profiles in the glyphosatesensitive...

Stress Proteins in Plants

May 2004
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Unfavourable climate conditions, pathogen attacks and certain states of plant development trigger the expression of so-called stress proteins. From the moment the plant receives the stimulation signal until it synthesizes the stress-response proteins, several different processes take place: recognition of the stress factor, synthesis of secondary metabolites that act as transduction signals, expression of the genes and, finally, synthesis of the different stress proteins

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