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Organic biostimulants: an approach to their characterization and management within an integrated, sustainable and competitive agricultural strategy

November 2019
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The following article shows the results of an exhaustive comparative study of both analytical characterization and agronomic efficacy of four biostimulant products based on amino acids from different sources of raw material (animal and plant origin) and methods of obtaining (chemical hydrolysis or enzymatic). Regarding the analytical characterization, the results show a greater degree of hydrolysis (greater amount of free amino acids) and a more complete and balanced amino acid profile of th...

Role of amino acid-based biostimulants to ameliorate crop damaging effect and increase efficiency of post-emergence herbicides in field crops.

November 2019
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Post-emergence herbicides are commonly used to control weeds in field crops worldwide Depending on their crop selectivity, herbicides may cause crop adverse effects particularly under stress conditions, such as reduction of chlorophyll content, affection in photosynthesis performance and appearance of micronutrient deficiencies On the other hand, the application of amino acid based biostimulants have beneficial effects on crops reducing production losses caused by environmental stresses Howe...

Photosynthetic performance of young maize (Zea mays L.) plants exposed to chilling stress can be improved by the application of protein hydrolysates

July 2019
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Biostimulants offer a novel approach for the regulation of crucial physiological processes in plants. Recently, it has been observed that the application of biostimulants on both seeds and plants may ameliorate to some extent the negative effects of abiotic stresses such as drought, heat, salinity, and others. In the climate conditions of Bulgaria, the early developmental stages of warm climate crops, like maize, often occur under suboptimal temperatures. Although the mitigation of abiotic s...

Effect of amino acid biostimulant on the yield and nutraceutical potential of soybean

July 2018
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Advancement in crop cultivation technologies strives to increase the yield and improve the quality of crops under minimized threats posed to the natural environment. Application of biostimulants is a treatment which increases crop yield and quality particularly after plants exposure to stress conditions. The objective of the work was to determine changes in yield and nutraceutical potential of soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) ‘Atlanta’ after application of biostimulant. A field experimen...

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