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SinerJet®-Cu in the management of olive repilo

March 2022
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L.F. Roca, A. Botta, C. Marín, J. Bueno, A. Trapero
Grupo de Patología Agroforestal, Departamento de Agronomía, Universidad de Córdoba. Campus de Rabanales, Edificio Celestino Mutis, 14071, Córdoba., Bioibérica S.A.U. Antic Camí de Tordera, 109-119 - 08039 Palafolls (Barcelona).
Vida Rural, 15/03/2022

The SinerJet®-Cu product manufactured by Bioibérica S.A.U is a 5% organic solution of copper, easily assimilated, whose complexing agents are L-α-amino acids that facilitate the absorption and translocation of copper.

The efficacy of SinerJet®-Cu against the blackhead has been evaluated by its in vitro effect on the germination of the conidia and against the infection in inoculated seedlings and in olive trees in the field subjected to natural infection.

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