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II Latin American Symposium on Biostimulants in Agriculture

November 2018
Scientific Communications | Armurox®
D. Beitia, L. Ruz, I.E. Cacique, E. Montesinos, F.A. Rodrigues, A. Botta
Plant Health Division, BIOIBERICA SAU (Barcelona, Spain), Laboratori de Patologia Vegetal, Universitat de Girona (Girona, Spain), Departamento de Fitopatologia Vegetal, Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Viçosa, MG, Brasil)
Florianópolis, Brasil

Unfavorable climatic conditions, attacks of pathogens and certain stages of development of the plant trigger the expression of the so-called stress proteins. It is proven that the use of certain biostimulants can elicit the expression of said proteins and other compounds whose function is to protect the cell. In the present work, we evaluate the induction of the defensive response of two eliciting products of the plant defenses developed by Bioiberica. Armurox® is a biostimulant based on peptides and Silicon that shows an activation of different defense mechanisms such as the strengthening of cell walls and an increase in the expression of PR proteins (Pathogen-related Proteins) in plants treated via foliar or root. On the other hand, the Optimus® biostimulant shows an elicitation of specific proteins related to the stimulation of the synthesis route of phenylpropanoid compounds in treated model plants. In conclusion, Armurox® presents a defensive response in accordance with a plant resistance specific to biotrophic fungi and abiotic stress in general, while the Optimus® response is in agreement with a defensive response similar to that induced against Oomycete attack, as well as an enhancement of the secondary metabolism more related to the quality of the crops.

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