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Twelve years of Ripeners Program: Evaluation of new alternatives

September 2015
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The application program of ripeners is a task within the program of maintenance and development of commercial plantations of CATSA. It is set at the beginning of the ripening stage of the crop. Basically seeking three objectives: A) Promoting short-term maturity on the upper third of the stem of sugar cane. B) Encouraging a reduction of foreign matter promoting a better quality of burning at harvest. C) Encicle areas by planting time outdated or varietal component. Its answer is largely rela...

Assessment of the pre-harvest treatment with a defense response elicitor on secondary metabolites content and quality of table grapes.

February 2014
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The aim of the following experience was to evaluate the effect of foliar application of a novel elicitor of the defensive response (Optimus®, BIOIBERICA) on the quality and the quantity of bioactive compounds of Crimson and Autum Royal table grape varieties. Results show that the application of Optimus in pre-harvest increases the content of total phenolic compounds, which correlates with the increase in antioxidant capacity. It also highlights the significant increase of the content of res...

Effect of Optimus® on the appearance and quality of tangerine and lemon irrigated with low quality water

February 2013
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Citrus fruits have a high sensitivity to saline water, which reduce their productivity and the quality of the fruit. This study evaluates the effect of Optimus ®, an inducer of resistance to salinity based on phosphopeptides, on the quality of fruits Citrus reticulata L cv Orogrande and Citrus lemon l. cv Verna, irrigated with water of a high conductivity.

20th Chilean Congress of Phytopathology

December 2011
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Recently, inducer products of the resistance of the plants, like Optimus (Bioiberica, S.A.), have arisen as a good alternative to the indiscriminate use of fungicides, controlling the recurrent appearance of fungi diseases, and diminishing the chemical residues in horticulture and fruit cultures. With the objective of showing the biological bases of action of the product, a test in controlled conditions has been carried out in a model guest-pathogen system. The induction of biochemical and s...

Induction of resistance in Arabidopsis against fungal infections (Hyaloperonospora parasitica) trough the application of a novel inducer

August 2010
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Agricultural crops are the targets of continuous attempts of attack by biotic stress factors such as fungi, bacteria, insects and viruses. Among them, fungal diseases are responsible for the greatest yield loses in both horticultural and fruit trees crops. In the event of a fungal attack, the resistance or susceptibility of the plants to restrict infection will depend on the magnitude and the speed of activation of their defence mechanisms. Furthermore, the ability of plants to combat diseas...

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