Natural products to overcome stress

Bioactive compounds to obtain greater safety, sustainability and a better yield from your crops

Solutions for
plant stress

Enzyneer® extraction technology offers a unique, natural solution to obtain bioactive compounds.

Extreme temperatures, drought, salinity, excess or insufficient light, heavy metal contamination and infections are some of the factors that can cause stress in plants and can affect harvest quality and quantity.
Bioiberica has developed an extensive line of products, based on amino acids and other bioactive compounds that naturally promote the plants' mechanisms to overcome these stress factors. The company also offers mass fruit fly trapping technology, which has turned Bioiberica into a global point of reference.

Precisely in order to optimise crop yields in stressful situations, Bioiberica has developed Enzyneer®, a new technology to extract bioactive compounds to control plant stress.
Enzyneer® allows for the extraction of biostimulant products that are unique on the market, with phytohormonal activity, and which preserve amino acids in their biologically-active L-form. Their effectiveness has been compared with photosynthesis regulation studies, bioassays on hormone-like activity and analysis of gene and proteomic expression. This advancement brings added value to the biostimulant market by allowing farmers to achieve greater safety, sustainability and better yields.

Solutions to plant stress - Biostimulants


Terra-Sorb® range, Equilibrium®, Inicium®, StresSal® and Terramin®

Specific solutions that intervene in the plant's physiological mechanisms to enhance the plant's resistance and recovery during situations of abiotic stress.

Solutions to plant stress - Bioavailable Nutrition

Bioavailable nutrition

AminoQuelant® range

Stimulates the recovery of the physiological equilibrium and completes the macro- and micro-elements so that they reach the sight of consumption quickly, safely and efficiently.

Solutions to plant stress - Plant Protection

Plant protection

AminoAlexin® and Armurox®

Formulated based on antimicrobial action peptides to fight against attacks by pathogens through inducing the plant's local and acquired systemic resistance.

Solutions to plant stress - biological attractants

Biological attractants

Attraction for fly infestations in the crops

Ecological attractants formulated based on specifically selected hydrolysed proteins to obtain the maximum power of attraction and specificity for fly infestations that affect crops around the world.

Natural biostimulant technology

The principles extracted with Enzyneer® provide greater resistance to stress, enhance nutrient absorption and improve fruit quality.


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