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Your natural partner to beat plant stress


Our Core

Research, development, technology, experience and collaboration

  • Research and development of high-quality biomolecules for plant nutrition, biostimulation, plant protection and biocontrol.

  • Enzyneer®, our exclusive enzyme extraction technology that allows us to obtain L-α-amino acids and other bioactive compounds.

  • More than 30 years of experience in the agronomic field, backed up by more than 1,500 trials on all types of crops, in more than 60 countries.

  • Collaboration with referential research centres and active participation in national and international scientific forums.

Our Aim

Every drop of our products reflects 35 years of commitment and specialisation

  • Contribute to agricultural advancement by offering sustainable solutions to combat plant stress, increase crop yields and improve their quality parameters.

  • Play an important role in the fight against climate change. All our products allow for more efficient fertiliser usage and integrated and more sustainable crop management.
Administration, Sales, and Marketing Teams
  • Anna Botta

    Anna Botta

    Product Manager
  • Anna Ubia

    Anna Ubia

    Customer Office Director
  • David Beitia

    David Beitia

    Area/Export Manager
  • David Melgar

    David Melgar

    Working Capital Manager
  • Esther Martinez

    Esther Martinez

    Customer Office
  • Ignacio López Cepero

    Ignacio López Cepero

    Area/Export Manager
  • Ignasi Pons

    Ignasi Pons

    Export Manager
  • Inés Ortega

    Inés Ortega

    Sales Assistant
  • Javier Ruda

    Javier Ruda

    Export Manager
  • Joan Bassa

    Joan Bassa

    Business Units Director
  • Josep Mª Cerdà

    Josep Mª Cerdà

    Area/Export Manager
  • Josué Castilla

    Josué Castilla

    Marketing and Sales Assistant
  • Juan Bueno

    Juan Bueno

    Area Manager
  • Laia Cortel

    Laia Cortel

    Plan Health Business Unit Director
  • Maiara Jacobucci

    Maiara Jacobucci

    Export Manager
  • Marta Planas

    Marta Planas

    Customer Office
  • Mauro Bernal

    Mauro Bernal

    Crop Manager
  • Oscar Escuder

    Oscar Escuder

    Working Capital
  • Ramón Sanchez

    Ramón Sanchez

    Area/Export Manager
R&D, Regulatory and Quality Teams
  • Cándido Marín

    Cándido Marín

    Fundamental Research
  • Catalina Pedrosa

    Catalina Pedrosa

    Quality Control Supervisor
  • Eva Rosell

    Eva Rosell

    Quality Assurance Technician
  • Nuria Sierras

    Nuria Sierras

    Head of R&D Plant Health
  • Samanta Yubero

    Samanta Yubero

    Regulatory Affairs
  • Teresa Buquet

    Teresa Buquet

    Chemical Development Technician
  • Xavier Pardo

    Xavier Pardo

    Fast Track Technician
Supply Teams
  • Ángel Esteban

    Ángel Esteban

    Production Operator
  • David Jorquera

    David Jorquera

    Production Operator
  • Diego Magaña

    Diego Magaña

    Production Operator
  • Gabriel Sánchez

    Gabriel Sánchez

    Production Operator
  • Javier García Conde

    Javier García Conde

    Production Operator
  • Jorge Bueno

    Jorge Bueno

    Logistics Storage Operator
  • Juan Martínez

    Juan Martínez

    Plant Manager
  • Juan Paz

    Juan Paz

    Production Operator
  • Mar Gómez

    Mar Gómez

    Plants Manager
  • Marc Vidal

    Marc Vidal

    Production Operator
  • Marina Rocabert

    Marina Rocabert

    Purchasing Department
  • Óscar Fuentes

    Óscar Fuentes

    Production Operator
  • Óscar López

    Óscar López

    Logistics Sales Technician
  • Rubén Polaina

    Rubén Polaina

    Production Operator

Bioiberica’s R+D lab


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08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
Barcelona - Spain
+34 93 490 49 08

C. Antic Camí de Tordera, 109-119
08389 – Palafolls (Barcelona)
Tel: +34 93 765 03 90


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