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Plant Health

Research and development of biomolecules to combat crop stress

Plants also suffer stress and, since 1986, at Bioiberica we have been working to provide natural solutions to overcome it. We’re talking about stress produced by extreme weather conditions (cold, heat, drought, torrential rain, etc), salinity, pests, diseases, transplants, pesticides... All factors that negatively affect the quality and yield of crops.

At Bioiberica we have vast experience in the management of plant stress, backed up by referential agricultural and plant physiology research centres. We have developed a specific range of natural-acting, amino acid-based products that promote biostimulation, nutrition and plant protection. We also have fruit fly mass-trapping technology which has become a worldwide reference.

The strength of technology

The power of enzymes

Enzyneer® extraction technology, based on enzymatic hydrolysis, offers a natural and unique solution for obtaining bioactive compounds. It allows the extraction of L-α-amino acids in L-form (biologically active) and facilitates the release of glycerolipids and sterols that act in synergy to stimulate plants’ physiological processes.

These ingredients extracted from Enzyneer® provide greater resistance to stress, improve the absorption of nutrients and improve the quality of the fruit obtained. Their effectiveness has been compared with photosynthesis regulation studies, bioassays on hormone-like activity and analysis of gene and proteomic expression.

Advanced technology to control plant stress

Less stress, more yield:
the new solution in biostimulants

The respectful solution
for crop stress


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