Bioactive compounds extraction technology for the control of plant stress

Advanced technology for the control of plant stress

Extraction technology: Enzymatic hydrolysis

Enzyneer® extraction technology, based on enzymatic hydrolysis, offers a natural and unique solution for obtaining bioactive compounds. It allows the extraction of L-α-amino acids in L-form (biologically active) and facilitates the release of glycerolipids and sterols that act in synergy to stimulate plants’ physiological processes.

These ingredients extracted from Enzyneer® provide greater resistance to stress, improve the absorption of nutrients and improve the quality of the fruit obtained. Their effectiveness has been compared with photosynthesis regulation studies, bioassays on hormone-like activity and analysis of gene and proteomic expression.

We offer solutions for the management of crop stress

The environmentally friendly solution for crop stress

Natural biostimulant technology

Enzyneer® technology is a new technological breakthrough that enables the agriculturist to obtain greater security and optimal crop yields, by protecting them against situations of stress.

The biostimulants obtained play an important role in the fight against climate change as they allow for more environmentally friendly crop management, more efficient use of nitrogen fertiliser and are compatible with organic farming.

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