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España refuerza su posición en el cultivo del olivar, almendro y pistacho

Wednesday, 17 April 2024
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By Juan Vilar,strategic consultant.

The surface of the earth is 149 million square kilometers. If we refer to agriculture, the planet has 5.1 billion hectares, of which 1.1 billion hectares are actually dedicated to agriculture, which means that the arable land of the planet is only 5%, and cultivated land is 1%.

olivo 1

Of these 1,100 million cultivated hectares, permanent woody crops already represent almost 73 million hectares, 77% are exploited dry land and the remaining 23, through irrigation. Of this surface, 73 million hectares, the olive grove accounts for 16%, the almond tree 3, and the pistachio 1.

If we refer to Spain, this is a power in the three crops mentioned, in the field of olive trees it is the first country by area with 2.75 million hectares, 23% of the olive grove area in the world, which produces leading productions. both in fruit and in the production of olive oil.

Referring to the almond tree, Spain has the largest area of almond trees in the world with 32% of its total, being the third largest producer of almonds on the planet.

In terms of pistachio, our country is the fourth largest country by pistachio area in the world, holding more than 7% of it, in the field of production due to the youth of the plantations, it still does not occupy a relevant position in the global scope.

olivo 2

In accordance with what was stated above, only in the field of olive trees, Spain occupies the same position in surface area as in production, however, in the cultivation of pistachio and almond trees, the same does not happen. To this end, it is vital to choose farms. suitable varieties, the climate and even the availability of water is essential, however, products such as Terra-Sorb® radicular from Bioiberica also contribute through better root distribution, and increasing the absorption power, to start prior to the production of new plantations, and homogenize the value of the crops.

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