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“We work globally, but in a local way and at ground level”. Laia Cortel was interviewed for the weekly fruit and vegetable magazine Valencia Fruits

Tuesday, 25 May 2021
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Global sustainability and agricultural sustainability as essential, efficient use of raw materials in production, and a clear trend towards ecological or zero waste production are, for many, the keys to the near future. Laia Cortel, Commercial Director of Bioiberica, comments on how her company is working in this direction by optimizing fertilisation and promoting the reduction of dependence on chemical pesticides, while maintaining a production strategy that is a “100% circular bioeconomy”. In short, “high value-added products that are totally biodegradable with no risk to health or the environment that meet the highest quality and worldwide sustainability standards” created with a global mindset but, at the same time, understanding local particularities and needs.

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