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Evaluation of the efficacy of Armurox® in rice crop infected by rice blast

Friday, 01 March 2013
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Armurox® is a product certified for ecological agriculture. It is composed of an active peptide complex combined with soluble silicon which mechanically reinforces plant tissue against mechanic and pathogen-caused stress.

Armurox® is a double action product: it creates under the cuticle a physical barrier made of silicon that prevents the fungi from infecting the tissue. It also activates the plant’s natural defenses, favoring the production of ROS and increasing the accumulation of callose and lignin in the cell walls.

The efficacy of Armurox® has been field tested in rice blast control, with the following results:

Field trials were carried out in Amposta (Tarragona) in Bomba rice, in 2-4 Ha plots (separate sub-plots).

There were implemented three different treatments:

1)      Untreated Control (UTC).

2)      Armurox® (4 l/ha)

3)      Standard program (STD) consisting of alternating doses of plocloraz 40% + propiconazol 9% andriticonazol + tebuconazol.

Field trial results proved that Armurox® is as efficient as chemical fungicides. The Untreated plot had a low percentage of healthy plants (Fig. 1).


 Fig. 1. Evolution of crop Health during the Amposta field trial.

The percentage of affected ears was monitored at two different stages (Fig. 2). Armurox® yielded positive results, significantly lower than untreated controls and at least the same as the standard program. Product persistence, somewhat smaller than the chemical treatment, can be complemented by another product to keep maximum control. These results are particularly satisfactory, in view of the vulnerability of the Bomba rice variety.


 Fig. 2 evolution of the percentage of affected ears in the Amposta trial.


Although Armurox® was used as a stand-alone product, the results show an efficacy similar to that of the best availablestandards . Moreover, the biostimulant effect of Armurox® peptides allow for a larger crop yield when rice blast is kept under control.

We can thus affirm that Armurox® can be used for rice blast control, as a stand-alone product or combined with other products, under very adverse conditions for crops. Intervention timelines must be adapted to the evolution of the disease.

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