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Effect of Equilibrium® biostimulants over the kernel weight in almond

March 2022
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J. López-Alcolea, F. Dicenta, M.J. Bernal, A. Botta, P.J. Martínez-García
Departamento de Mejora Vegetal, CEBAS–CSIC, Murcia., Bioiberica S.A.U.
Fruticultura Nº86, Marzo|Abril 2022

The creation of new productive systems and the obtaining of new varieties, better adapted, are helping the expansion of the almond cultivation. In addition, biotechnological advances are allowing the development of plant regulators to increase production. In this study, we analyzed the effect of the biostimulant Equilibrium® (Bioiberica) on the weight of the mesocarp, shell and seed of the almond fruit. For this, cultivar ‘Penta’ was used in five farms with different characteristics, for two years. Eight different treatments were carried out, in three phenological stages.

The results show a greater weight of the seed with three applications (Pre–flowering, Post–flowering and pre–hardening of the bone), with an increase of almost 16% in the weight of the seed, compared to the control. These results could be corroborated with other cultivars, with different seed sizes, to determine the general effect of this new biostimulant in almond trees.

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