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CERA TRAP®: a bioprotection solution for the control of fruit flies

June 2019
Scientific Communications | Cera-Trap®

Mass trapping emerged in Spain in the 1990s as an alternative and effective system to use. Mass trapping emerged in Spain in the 1990s as an alternative and effective system to the extensive use of insecticide applications, which until then were considered as the only suitable strategy for Control of fruit flies. Insecticide spray programs, whether aerial or localized, ended up causing imbalances in agricultural systems, damaging useful fauna and risks to both the applicator and the final co...

II Latin American Symposium on Biostimulants in Agriculture

November 2018
Scientific Communications | Armurox®

Unfavorable climatic conditions, attacks of pathogens and certain stages of development of the plant trigger the expression of the so-called stress proteins. It is proven that the use of certain biostimulants can elicit the expression of said proteins and other compounds whose function is to protect the cell. In the present work, we evaluate the induction of the defensive response of two eliciting products of the plant defenses developed by Bioiberica. Armurox® is a biostimulant based on pe...

7th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture

October 2017
Scientific Communications | Armurox®

The benefits of silicon fertilization have been gaining recognition in many crop production systems, specifically those in the grass family. Wheat (Triticum aestivum) is the fourth-most produced grain crop worldwide and a high silicon accumulator plant species. Because of the established benefits of silicon fertilization in crop production and known limitations of current application methods for soil-applied silicon amendments, there is a growing interest in using alternative liquid silicon ...

XX Congreso ATALAC, Mexico

September 2016
Scientific Communications | Armurox®

The present work evaluates the efficiency of a new technology that provides sugarcane with a source of bioavailable silicon. The study used commercial land at two different sites (Ameca and Autlán, in Jalisco, Mexico), with a split-plot design and a control. The trials involved two foliar applications of the new formula during the tillering stage at between 30–45 days. The tests included various measurements to determine the product’s effect on the crop’s production potential, such as...

The 2nd World Congress of the use of Biostimulants in Agriculture

November 2015
Scientific Communications | Terra-Sorb®

Plant biostimulants are products that contain multiple compounds and claim to activate a wide range of plant responses. Amino acids based products are one example of biostimulants with a complex composition and different product characteristics depending on their sources and production processes. Bioibérica has differentiated their products by the high quality of their components and the way they perform a specific action in plant physiology. Amino acid biostimulants are obtained mainly by ...

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