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Biostimulant influence on morphological and agrochemical characters in banana (Musa AAA cv. Williams)

May 2022
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Some of the limitations for plant acclimatization in vitro in banana cultivation have been poor rooting and slow leaf development, which affect survival in the field under stress conditions after planting. The aim of this study is to compare seedling response of Musa cv. Williams treated with biostimulants and commercial de-stressing agents. Thirty days after inoculation, pseudostem diameter (cm), fresh plant mass (g), fresh root mass (g), root number, soil-plant analysis developmen...

SinerJet®-Cu in the management of olive repilo

March 2022
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The SinerJet®-Cu product manufactured by Bioibérica S.A.U is a 5% organic solution of copper, easily assimilated, whose complexing agents are L-α-amino acids that facilitate the absorption and translocation of copper.

The efficacy of SinerJet®-Cu against the blackhead has been evaluated by its in vitro effect on the germination of the conidia and against the infection in inoculated seedlings and in olive trees in the field subjected to natural infection.

Effect of Equilibrium® biostimulants over the kernel weight in almond

March 2022
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The creation of new productive systems and the obtaining of new varieties, better adapted, are helping the expansion of the almond cultivation. In addition, biotechnological advances are allowing the development of plant regulators to increase production. In this study, we analyzed the effect of the biostimulant Equilibrium® (Bioiberica) on the weight of the mesocarp, shell and seed of the almond fruit. For this, cultivar ‘Penta’ was used in five farms with different characteristic...

Mass-Trapping for Control of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) in Coffee Crop in Acatenango, Guatemala

March 2022
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In the past 10 years, coffee production in Guatemala has been affected by the Mediterranean fruit fly that accelerates the fruit ripening process, resulting in early bean drop and less commercial quality. Reports have offered a new alternative for monitoring flies. In a trial in the municipality of Acatenango, Chimaltenango, Guatemala, the biological effectiveness of Pet bottles baited with Cera Trap®® attractant, compared with ground sprays of GF-120 (Spinosad), were evaluated for massive...


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