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Lettuce Soil Microbiome Modulated by an L-α-Amino Acid-Based Biostimulant

January 2023
Bioestimulantes | Scientific articles

Maintenance of soil health is of foremost importance to sustain and increase crop productivity, while meeting the demand of a rising global population. Soil microbiome is gaining increasing attention as a modulator of soil health. Microbial communities confer traits to the soil as a living organism, which functions holistically and conforms part of the plant holobiont, reassembling the human-gut axis. Novel strategies in biostimulant development advocate for modulation of the native soil mic...

Biostimulants: a tool to improve the aromatic composition of grapes

January 2023
Bioestimulantes | Scientific articles | Terra-Sorb®

The compounds from the groups of terpenes, C13 norisoprenoids and benzene compounds are the main responsible for the aroma of the grapes, generally contributing floral and fruity notes to them. The foliar application in the vineyard of biostimulants is a proposed tool to increase the quality of the grapes.

Thus, in this work, a foliar application has been carried out on Tempranillo Blanco vines to increase its volatile composition, since, despite being a new variety with high oenolog...

Comparison of attractants for Anastrepha obliqua (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Mexico: is there a better attractant than CeraTrap®?

December 2022
Scientific articles | Cera-Trap®

Fruit fly monitoring using effective attractants is a key tool in the integration of pest control strategies.

The present study compared the capture efficacy of Anastrepha obliqua using six attractants that are commercially available in Mexico. In three field experiments in mango var. manila orchards, CeraTrap®, an attractant comprising enzymatically-hydrolyzed animal proteins, was significantly more effective than chemically-hydrolyzed proteins mixed with borax (Captor 300...

Demonstrative macrotrials to evaluate the use of SinerJet®-Cu as an efficient copper solution in the management of repilo in olive groves

November 2022
Bioestimulantes | Scientific articles | Others

Copper compounds are effective in controlling the main leaf and fruit diseases in the olive tree, being repilo one of the most widespread and with the highest level of affectation.

Currently, however, the European Union has established a limitation on the amount of copper to be applied per hectare and year, which has motivated the search for alternative active materials to copper or formulations with a low content of this element.

The SinerJet®-Cu product manufactured by Bio...

Application of an Enzymatic Hydrolysed L-α-Amino Acid-Based Biostimulant to Improve Sunflower Tolerance to Imazamox

October 2022
Bioestimulantes | Scientific articles

Herbicides, commonly used in agriculture to control weeds, often cause negative effects on crops. Safeners are applied to reduce the damage to crops without affecting the effectiveness of herbicides against weeds. Plant biostimulants have the potential to increase tolerance to a series of abiotic stresses, but very limited information exists about their effects on herbicide-stressed plants.

This study aims to verify whether the application of a potential safener such as Terra-Sorb®,...


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