Terra-Sorb® foliar

The perfect ally for combating stress

Terra-Sorb® foliar, su mejor aliado contra el estrés

Terra-Sorb® is a biostimulant with an amino-acid base obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis that is quickly absorbed into the plant metabolism.

Terra-Sorb® foliar is recommended for both prevention and recovery from stressful conditions such as extreme temperatures and critical physiological processes (budbreak, flowering, setting and ripening).


Free amino acids (*) 9,3 % (p/p)
Total nitrogen (N) 2,1 % (p/p)
Organic nitrogen (N)    2,1 % (p/p)
Boron (B) 0,02 % (p/p)
Manganese (Mn) 0,07 % (p/p)
Zinc (Zn) 0,04 % (p/p)
Organic matter 14,8 % (p/p)

(*) The formula contains all the biologically active free amino acids: ASP, SER, GLU, GLY, HIS, ARG, THR, ALA, PRO, CIS, TYR, VAL, MET, LYS, ILE, LEU, PHE, TRP.

Suitable for Organic Agriculture

Why do I choose Terra-Sorb®?

TerraSorb, mejor absorcion de nutrientes
Greater Nutrient Absorption

The complexing power of the amino acids in Terra-Sorb® increases the availability of macro- and micronutrients in the soil.

TerraSorb, respuesta al estrés
Resistance to Stress

Terra-Sorb®, increases crop resistance to situations of stress (drought, phytotoxicity, root asphyxia, etc.), maintains photosynthetic activity and enhances rapid recovery.

TerraSorb, elevada compatibilidad
High Compatibility

Terra-Sorb® may be applied together with standard nutritional and phytosanitary treatments and enhances their absorption and effectiveness.

TerraSorb, calidad farmacéutica
Pharmaceutical Quality

The quality standards followed in the preparation of Terra-Sorb® are guarantees of its consistency and activity and ensure that no salts or heavy metals are contained in the product.

Crops and application


Terra-Sorb enhances resistance against low temperatures in winter time and significantly increases vigor and plant development in spring. It maximizes the efficacy of pesticides when applied in tank-mix. It helps recover plants from any stress situation (i.e herbicide phytotoxicity).


1. In Autumn (October) before the cold temperatures come
2. In Spring (April) in mixture with the pesticide treatments


1.5 – 3 L / Ha


Terra-Sorb, when applied before blossoming and at petals fall, increases fruit set as well as fruit size and weight. It also increases the absorption of plant nutrients and deficiency correctors.


At early flowering, at fruit set and during fruit development.
Apply any time there is a stress situation.


2 - 3 ml / L


Application of Terra-Sorb favours plant development in early stage, increases blossoming and fruit set. Besides, it promotes the earliness of harvest and increases fruit size and weight.


After transplantation, before flowering and at fruit set.
Apply any time there is a stress situation.


2 - 3 ml / L

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