Terramin® Pro

Soil health enhancer

Terramin® pro, el potenciador de la salud del suelo

We feed the naturally occurring soil microbiota to enhance soil health and crop fertilization.

Terramin® Pro is a formulation based on L-α-amino acids that is quickly assimilated in the rhizosphere, naturally obtained using the exclusive Enzyneer® technology. It is the first prebiotic Bioibérica has designed to stimulate the local microbiota in the soil and promote crop fertilisation in a way that can reduce dependence on chemical fertilisers under the new European Green Deal. Given its benefits, the product is recommended for organic agriculture as it is high in liquid organic nitrogen, for poor or degraded soils that need biological regeneration, in intensive agriculture systems with high agricultural activity or crop rotation, and to improve the health of the soil and plant roots at any time.


Nitrógen (N) 6 % (w/w)
Organic nitrogen   5,5 % (w/w)
Organic matter 40 % (w/w)
Free Amino Acids   18 % (w/w)
pH 7,0    

Why do I choose Terramin® Pro?

Terramin® Pro, organic nitrogen rapidly assimilated
Organic nitrogen rapidly assimilated
by the microbiota and roots, entirely derived from L-α-amino acids.
Terramin® Pro, Increases root development
Increases root development

and improves the natural conditions of the rhizosphere thanks to its high content of organic matter.

Terramin® Pro, optimizes fertilization
Optimizes fertilization

by improving the efficient use of nutrients, in particular nitrogen (NUE) and carbon fixation, stimulating those microbiological communities that help mobilize and supply nutrients to the roots.

Terramin® Pro, enhancing effect on soil health
Its enhancing effect on soil health

has been scientifically validated by reference entities (Biome Makers Inc. and the University of Granada).

Terramin® Pro, certified for use in organic farming
Certified for use in organic farming

as it is made up of naturally-derived amino acids obtained through the Enzyneer® process, is well known in Ecological Agriculture (UE, NOP).

Uses and applications

When to use Terramin® Pro?

  • In intensive agriculture systems, with high agricultural activity and crop rotation.
  • In impoverished or degraded soils that need biological regeneration.
  • In areas vulnerable to nitrate contamination or in fertilizer unit reduction strategies.
  • In organic production due to the high content of liquid organic nitrogen.
  • To improve the sanitary conditions of the soil and roots at any time.
  • It can be applied in mixtures with other fertilizers or phytosanitary products and in combination with probiotics (mycorrhiza, rhizobacteria, etc.) to enhance its effect.


Apply 10 to 15 l/Ha every 7-15 days, via irrigation water, during critical periods.


Recommended for transplanting, budding, flowering and fruit development. Especially suitable for maintaining good fertilisation and soil health throughout the crop cycle.

Terramin® Pro, usos y aplicaciones

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