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Terramin® Pro: new tool to improve the efficient use of nitrogen

Tuesday, 04 May 2021
Terramin® Pro | Applied Knowledge

The role of Nitrogen in the production of crops is well known and, therefore, the use of nitrogen fertilizers has increased in recent decades to generate serious environmental and health pollution situations. Faced with this reality, the European Commission has launched the Green Deal to promote more sustainable agriculture, in which it has been proposed to reduce excess nutrients by 50% and the use of fertilizers by 20% by 2030, among other measures. Terramin® Pro is Bioiberica's new biostimulant based on a high concentration of high-quality L-α-amino acids that enhances the autochthonous soil microbiota, optimizes natural resources and fertilization, improving the efficient use of nutrients, and in particular of nitrogen.

Terramin® Pro (18% L-α-amino acids) is the result of Bioiberica's exclusive Enzyneer® technology based on enzymatic hydrolysis that offers a natural and unique solution for obtaining bioactive compounds easily assimilated by the autochthonous soil microbiota. It is also certified for use in organic farming (EU and NOP Regulation). Terramin® Pro acts as a prebiotic, feeding the beneficial microorganisms of the rhizosphere, enhancing the health of the soil and the fertilization of the crop in a sustainable way.
Main benefits:
  • Organic nitrogen fast assimilated by the microbiota and roots, entirely derived from L-α-amino acids.
  • Increases root development and improves the natural conditions of the rhizosphere thanks to the high content of organic matter.
  • It optimizes fertilization by improving the efficient use of nutrients, in particular nitrogen (NUE) and carbon fixation, stimulating those microbiological communities that help the mobilization and supply of nutrients to the roots.
  • Its enhancing effect on soil health has been scientifically validated by reference entities (Biome Makers Inc. and the University of Granada).
  • Certified for use in organic farming (EU, NOP).

When to use Terramin® Pro?
  • In intensive agriculture systems, with high agricultural activity and crop rotation.
  • In impoverished or degraded soils that need biological regeneration.
  • In areas vulnerable to nitrate contamination or in fertilizer unit reduction strategies.
  • In organic production due to the high content of liquid organic nitrogen.
  • To improve the sanitary conditions of the soil and roots at any time.
  • It can be applied in mixtures with other fertilizers or phytosanitary products and in combination with probiotics (mycorrhiza, rhizobacteria, etc.) to enhance its effect.
The root application of Terramin® Pro enhances the development of microorganisms related to the mobilization and supply of nutrients to the roots (Biome Makers Inc.) in a way that enhances their efficient use. In order to demonstrate the potential efficiency in the use of nitrogen, a study was carried out in lettuce (cv. Isasa) in a climatic chamber at the University of Granada in which an optimal fertilization in nitrogen (100% N) and a limiting fertilization (60% N), and in which the treatment of Terramin® Pro was compared with a control and a biofertilizer based on rhizobacteria (Standard). In the trial, the commercial yield of the lettuces was evaluated, as well as the Efficient Use of Nitrogen (NUE) in each of the treatments.
Gráficas 1 y 2
*Fresh Foliar Biomass
Graph 1 and 2. Effect of the application of the treatments on biomass production of the fresh aerial part under conditions of optimal fertilization (100% N) and deficit (60% N). LSD statistical test, P <0.05.
The biostimulant Terramin® Pro under suitable nitrogen fertilization conditions showed a maximum value of biomass production, with an increase of 35% compared to the Control (Graph 1). On the other hand, in nitrogen-limiting fertilization, Terramin® Pro also shows the best performance, being able to recover the productive level of the 100% N Control.
Gráficas 3 y 4
Graph 3 and 4. Effect of the application of the treatments on the NUE (Nitrogen Use Efficiency) index under conditions of optimal fertilization (100% N) and deficit (60% N). LSD statistical test, P <0.05.
Under normal nitrogen fertilization conditions, Terramin® Pro induces an increase in nitrogen absorption and a higher NUE index (Graph 3). Under conditions of nitrogen deficiency, the treatment with Terramin® Pro was the one that gave rise to the maximum value of NUE, significantly exceeding the Control and Standard treatments and even the values ​​obtained in plants treated with N100% (Graph 4).
  • The use of Terramin® Pro in optimal conditions of fertilization with nitrates is a very adequate and effective strategy to increase the efficiency and recovery of plants from nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture, improving crop yield, reducing economic costs, and reducing environmental degradation caused by the excessive application of nitrate-based fertilizers.
  • In nitrogen-limiting areas, treatment with Terramin® Pro is a very useful technique in the development of crops, and also in intensive agricultural areas without nitrogen deficit, it allows reducing the use of nitrogen fertilizers without impairing crop yields, which which reduces costs and environmental impact.

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