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Evaluation of the efficacy of SuzukiiTrap® Max Captures on Drosophila suzukii on blueberry

Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Field Experience | Suzukii Trap® / Dacus Trap® | Berries
Objective: To determine the efficacy of Suzukii Trap® Max Captures on Drosophila suzukii on blueberry
Test Location: Gibraleón (Huelva), Spain
Test Species: Drosophila suzukii; Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)
Test Crop: Blueberry variety Legacy
Plot Design:The plots were 80 m2 and with 3 replications per treatment.

Bait solution



Suzukii Trap® Max Captures (Bioiberica)

Suzukii Trap


Standard 1



Standard 2

Std. 2


Standard 3

Std. 3


Equipment: SuzukiiTrap® Max Captures traps (Bioberica, Barcelona, Spain) consisted of a transparent plastic bottle with four holes of 7mm diameter each, filled with 600mL liquid bait.

Procedures:  The flycatchers were placed at 05/06/2020. The number of captures of Drosophila suzukii  was counted at 3, 6, 10, 13, 17 and 25 days after flycatchers placement, evaluating the number male adults of SWD, the number female of SWD, the total captures of SWD, the captures of no SWD and the total captures of fly. Traps were changed of position in every assessment to avoid location effect.

Statistical Analysis and Report: Data was analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and mean separation with Student-Newman-Keuls test at P < 0.05.
Results & discussion:
Suzukiitrap max captures trial blueberry
Fig.1 Total captures of Drosophila suzukii for 15 days with the different baits.
Suzukiitrap max captures trial blueberry 2
Fig. 2 Mean Drosophila suzukii captures during the trial with the different baits.
SuzukiiTrap® Max Captures bait captured higher number of total SWD than the other baits for 24 days (6 evaluations) (Fig. 1).
SuzukiiTrap® Max Captures bait captured more female SWD (65% of females of Total captures) than the other baits (around 50% of females in each 3 standards).  
SuzukiiTrap® Max Captures bait significantly captures more flies from the beginning of the trial, eventually being more attractive at the first captures (early detection effect). 
SuzukiiTrap® Max Captures bait performed best in capturing SWD than the other standard baits tested. Standard 3 bait reported the presence of a mucilage in the filtered captures content that appeared at the 10th day of the trial, which severely difficulted the counting of SWD captures.  That mucilage in the Standard 3 bait remained during all trial which indicates the lack of stability of this bait and possibly that affected bait efficacy in field conditions all over the time. Mucilage did not appear at any time in SuzukiiTrap® Max Captures bait exposed at the same field conditions

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