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Experience of using Equilibrium®, Bioiberica’s synergistic biostimulant, on blueberries

Friday, 04 June 2021
Field Experience | Berries | Equilibrium®


To evaluate the efficacy of applications of Equilibrium® in pre-flowering and post-flowering periods in order to improve the yield from commercial production batches.


  • Location: Acheral - Tucumán (Argentina)
  • Institution: Tierra de Arándanos
  • Crop: Blueberry
  • Variety: Jewel - Farthing - Emerald

Equilibrium® treatments:

Blueberry 1

Performance in packaging:


[Rendimiento = Yield]

  • Yield increases were observed for the 3 varieties tested for blueberries treated with Equilibrium®.
  • The Farthing variety control suffered a heavy frost (loss of -30%); even so it is estimated that there was a -1.5T difference compared to the one treated with Equilibrium®.

Vigour index monitoring (NDVI):

Equilibrium® treatment in pre-flowering and post-flowering in Blueberry var. Farthing.


[Tratamiento = Treatment

Testigo = Control]

  • A correlation was observed between treatment with Equilibrium® and the increase of NDVI with respect to the control, and therefore more advanced development and higher yield.


Financial results:

Blueberry 2


  • For the three blueberry varieties assessed, the highest yields were achieved in treatments where Equilibrium® was applied.
  • The net kg of fruit reaped were higher, taking into account the cost-benefit ratio, where Equilibrium® was applied, for all the varieties assessed.

In addition:

  • In the Vegetative stage, Equilibrium® improves:
    • Auxin activity, which together with brassinosteroids generates greater growth and development of shoots and/or fruits.
    • Increased resistance to stress (SAR), increasing the capacity to mobilise nutrients from the soil.
    • Higher quantity of chlorophyll in leaves and photosynthetic capacity, delaying senescence.
  • In the Reproductive stage, Equilibrium®:
    • Stimulates the metabolic pathways related to regulation, synthesis, and mobilisation of reserves to the growing organs, consequently, higher yields are obtained.

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