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Bioiberica - Plant Health launches web dedicated to plant stress and biological control of pests

Wednesday, 13 February 2019
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Bioiberica - Plant Health launches web dedicated to plant stress and biological control of pests

• This new online asset offers information on technology, products and scientific publications of this Bioibérica business unit
• Replaces and concentrates in a single space, different webs that, until now, coexisted separately
• With a more modern and usable style, and a totally responsive design seeks a more direct communication with customers

Equilibrium® improves fruit setting in stone fruit, thus increasing their early development.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Frut trees | Field Experience | Equilibrium®

Equilibrium® is a bio-stimulant using synergic action to improve fruit development, from fruit setting to maturation. In earlier studies, we have presented yield improvements associated with an increase in fruit setting rates and quality parameters, including demonstrating improvements in various relevant Spanish crops (horticulture, olive, citrus).

Evaluation of the effect of Incium® applications in peach early varieties to enhance precocity and yield

Monday, 25 October 2010
Frut trees | Field Experience | Inicium®

Incium® is a low molecular weight peptide-based products with radicular activity. It is specially indicated at the onset of radicular activity and during transplantation. The most visible effects of Incium® are the development of a strong radicular apparatus, contributing to enhance crop precocity and production (early fruit crops).

Next we present a trial on peach trees conducted in Cieza (Murcia, Spain), Where these effects are confirmed.

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