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Bioiberica - Plant Health launches web dedicated to plant stress and biological control of pests

Wednesday, 13 February 2019
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Bioiberica - Plant Health launches web dedicated to plant stress and biological control of pests

• This new online asset offers information on technology, products and scientific publications of this Bioibérica business unit
• Replaces and concentrates in a single space, different webs that, until now, coexisted separately
• With a more modern and usable style, and a totally responsive design seeks a more direct communication with customers

Improving fruit setting in olives with AminoQuelant®-B

Wednesday, 05 April 2017
Field Experience | AminoQuelant® | Olive Tree
Boron (B) is one of the seven essential micronutrients for the proper growth of most plants, as it promotes proper cell division and expansion. It is also involved in the formation of the cell walls, pollination, blossoming, seed production, translocation of sugars to the roots, regulation of hormone levels and many other highly important processes. Due to its key role, an adequate supply of this micronutrient might mark the difference between an average harvest and an excellent one.

Improving yield and product quality in pineapple through nutrition by means of AminoQuelant-minors™

Thursday, 28 January 2016
Field Experience | AminoQuelant® | Tropical crops

Pineapple, or Ananas comosus, is a plant from South America. Currently, pineapple fruit is cultivated in tropical areas around the world, particularly in Thailand, Brazil and Costa Rica. This fruit is consumed mainly in two ways: fresh, or preserved in syrup. Both methods preserve their most beneficial properties: high levels of Vitamin C and Manganese, positive digestive and diuretic effects, and low fat content. Furthermore, pineapples are a favorite of sportspersons for their anti-inflammatory properties, which help to prevent tendinitis and muscular pain.  

Correcting nutritional deficiencies in citrus with AminoQuelant Zn/Mn™

Thursday, 03 December 2015
Citrus | Field Experience | AminoQuelant®
Spain produces more than 625,700 million tons of lemons per year, which makes our country the 8th largest producer worldwide of this fruit. The lemon, or citrus x limon, is a fruit originating in Asia, having acidic taste, great smell and being mostly cultivated for human consumption. It contains large amounts of Vitamin C and citric acid, so it is highly recommended for the cold season.

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