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Bioibérica presents Enzyneer®, a new bioactive compound extractive technology to control plant stress

Friday, 02 March 2018
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  • Enzyneer® allows the extraction of biostimulant products that are unique on the market, with phytohormonal activity, and which preserve amino acids in their L-form (biologically active).
  • Its effectiveness has been compared with photosynthesis regulation studies, bioassays on hormone-like activity and analysis of gene and proteomic expression.
  • This advancement brings added value to the biostimulant market by allowing farmers to achieve greater sustainability, security and better returns.

The Bioibérica Division of Plant Physiology presents Enzyneer®, a new bioactive compound extraction technology, based on enzymatic hydrolysis. This natural solution allows the extraction of L-α-amino acids in L-form (biologically active) and facilitates the release of glycerolipids and sterols that act in synergy to stimulate plants’ physiological processes. 

Enzyneer® brings added value to the biostimulant market, as the ingredients extracted with this technology give greater resistance to plant stress, they boost the absorption of nutrients and improve the quality of the fruit obtained”, explains Laia Cortel, director of Bioibérica Plant Physiology. 

Their effectiveness has been compared with photosynthesis regulation studies, bioassays on hormone-like activity and analysis of gene and proteomic expression. One of the main conclusions drawn is that Bioibérica products are unique in the market due to their dual biostimulant and phytohormonal activity, which precisely provides its production process. 

The biostimulants obtained also play an important role in the fight against climate change, as they allow the most respectful cultivation for the environment, more efficient use of nitrogen fertilizer and compatibility with organic agriculture”, adds Cortel. 

Soon, all the company’s biostimulant products will include the Enzyneer® seal on their labels, which offers farmers the security of protecting their crops from stress in the optimal, natural way. 

The Plant Physiology division at Bioiberica specialises in the research and development of pharmaceutical quality biomolecules to combat crop stress by providing agricultural developments adapted to different crops and geographical conditions, engaging with benchmark research centres and actively participating in national and international scientific forums.


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