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Biostimulants World Congress 2023: Bioiberica redefines bioactive ingredients for plant health

Tuesday, 21 November 2023
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Biostimulants World Congress 2023: Bioiberica redefines bioactive ingredients for plant health

Leading the way in agricultural innovation, Bioiberica actively participates by presenting its Biostimulant ingredients

Milano, Italy - November 28 to December 1, 2023
Among the distinguished participants, Bioiberica – Plant Health, a leader in biosolutions for agriculture, prepared to leave a significant mark at the Biostimulant World Congress. The company presented its range of high-purity bioactive ingredients, particularly L-α-amino acids, demonstrating Bioiberica's commitment to offering world-class solutions to improve agronomic performance. These ingredients, produced through our exclusive Enzyneer® Technology, underline Bioiberica's status as specialists in the extraction and commercialization of bioactive components.

Visitors explored a variety of products that stand out for their biosafety, as well as have REACH certificates and for use in organic farming. Bioiberica relies on ingredients with high concentrations of free L-α-amino acids, ensuring optimal solubility, great biological richness and total compatibility. These product features together underscore the company's dedication to promoting sustainable and effective agricultural practices.
Enzyneer® Technology - A Game-Changer in Bioactive Ingredient Extraction
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At the core of Bioiberica's messaging is the revolutionary Enzyneer® Technology. This proprietary process sets Bioiberica apart as leaders in the extraction of bioactive ingredients. The company's specialists will be on hand to share insights into the technology and its transformative impact on the agricultural panorama.
Nuria Sierras, Head of Plant Health R&D, showed at the Innovation Forum the presentation titled “Towards a better understanding of pre- and probiotic biostimulants to modulate the soil microbiome and address the limitations of nutrient supply” where we presented the new developments of pre- and probiotic biostimulants, Terramin® Pro and Terra-Sorb® SymBiotic, for improving nutrient efficiency and its effect on modulating soil microbiota. This new concept of probiotic biostimulants comes hand in hand with a new Bioiberica fermentation technology called Priming Tech™, for the selection and conditioning of microorganisms with functional properties for crops. This new technology -in patent process- guarantees greater adaptability of microbial strains to field conditions, as well as the de novo synthesis of a series of secondary metabolites with effects on plant growth and the optimization of nutritional resources by the crops.
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