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Mundolivar: Protecting and Guaranteeing the future of the harvest with Bioiberica

Thursday, 13 June 2024
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Mundolivar: Protecting and Guaranteeing the future of the harvest with Bioiberica

Under the motto “The path to economic and environmental sustainability”, MUNDOLIVAR offered an attractive and comprehensive format that combined presentations, round tables and practical workshops. This event addressed the most relevant topics for the sector, with Portugal as the guest country.
With more than 50 speakers, the attendance of 1,200 people, 11 round tables and 5 workshops, Mundolivar was presented as an essential event for olive growing.
Bioiberica, a Spanish company with more than 35 years of experience in olive growing and a pioneer in the introduction of its line of Biostimulants in the Andalusian olive grove, participated in the event. Its objective was to promote a more efficient use of fertilizers and a more integrated, profitable and sustainable management of the olive grove.
For Bioiberica, participation in events such as MUNDOLIVAR was essential. On June 11 and 12, Córdoba hosted this meeting where crucial issues in olive growing were debated, such as profitability and the attractiveness of investment in the sector, sustainability and the impact of new technologies and innovations. All this was done through round tables, practical workshops and interaction spaces for visitors.
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Bioiberica presented its portfolio of innovative products for the olive grove, which included:
  • Terra-Sorb® complex: Biostimulation and specific foliar fertilization to satisfy the needs of the olive tree.
  • Equilibrium®: Improves the setting of the olives.
  • AminoQuelant®: Bioavailable nutrition such as potassium, essential to increase fat performance.
  •  SinerJet®-Cu: Low concentration copper with maximum efficiency, complying with European application limitations per hectare.
  • Terra-Sorb radicular SymBiotic®: Optimization of fertiirrigation in the olive grove.
These innovative solutions worked for more profitable olive growing for the producer, high quality and sustainable for all.

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