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Bioiberica - Plant Health launches web dedicated to plant stress and biological control of pests

Wednesday, 13 February 2019
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Bioiberica - Plant Health launches web dedicated to plant stress and biological control of pests

• This new online asset offers information on technology, products and scientific publications of this Bioibérica business unit
• Replaces and concentrates in a single space, different webs that, until now, coexisted separately
• With a more modern and usable style, and a totally responsive design seeks a more direct communication with customers

Terra-Sorb™ mitigates abiotic stress caused by cold weather and hail

Thursday, 22 December 2016
Field Experience | Vine & grape
The grapevine buds blossom during the last months of winter and early spring. In certain regions there is a physical stress caused by the cold and/or mechanical stress caused by hail. Abiotic stress during vegetative growth may cause a notable decrease in yield. In the study below, we give details on how the use of Terra-Sorb™ in two field trials might be of great use to mitigate the negative effect of abiotic stress caused by cold and hail.

Suzukii Trap™: a technology for the monitoring of D. suzukii captures in grapevines

Tuesday, 01 December 2015
Field Experience | Suzukii Trap® / Dacus Trap® | Vine & grape

The term “table grape” applies to those grape variants containing smaller amounts of sugar. They are tastier and are intended for fresh consumption. However, this crop is recently facing a new pest: the Drosophila suzukii fly. According to the US National Agricultural Statistics Service, the losses caused by this pest exceeded 511 US$ millions in 2008. 

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