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Demonstrative trial of the properties of the Inicium® peptide biostimulant

April 2019
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In order to characterize the effect of the INICIUM® product, the aerial and underground development of pepper plants treated and untreated with the root application biostimulant was monitored. The results showed an incentive effect of growth in the post-transplant phase in plants treated with INICIUM®, which is visualized in an early growth of the root system. This effect seems to be associated with the production of thinner and longer roots that would provide a greater surface area of wat...

Growth of "Parvin" Mango in Nursery as Affected by a Peptide-Based Biostimulant Applied to the Soil

January 2015
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Research was conducted in the nursery to determine the effects of a biostimulant based on low weight peptides on grafted ‘Parvin’ mango for transplant production. The biostimulant treatments evaluated were 0 (check), 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ml of biostimulant per liter of water, applied as soil drench at 150 ml per plant per application, eight times at two-week intervals. By 98 days after the first application, biostimulant treatments did not affect scion stem diameter. In contrast, mango scion le...

SEST International Symposium

September 2009
Scientific Communications | Inicium®

Transplant ability to overcome physiological stress and become established in a new environment depends on the ability of seedlings to withstand root disturbance, the water and nutrient uptake capacity of the roots, and the plant capacity to regenerate new roots. This response is the result of changes in gene expression that are related to the mechanisms activated by the plant to withstand stress. Focusing on the critical stage after transplanting, Bioiberica, S.A developed Inicium, a totall...

The 7th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition

March 2009
Scientific Communications | Inicium®

In plant life cycle transplanting is one of the most stressful phases, especially if an environmental stress factor occurs within the following days. Plant’s ability to establish itself and settle down after transplanting depends on its adaptive response to changing environmental factors. This response is the result of changes in gene expression that are related to the mechanisms activated by the plant to withstand stress. Inicium® is a totally natural product based on characterized pepti...

30th Conference on IQS Phytosanitary Products

October 2008
Scientific Communications | Inicium®

Effect of a peptide-based formulation on the induction of PR proteins and on the development of tomatoes. In order to determine the mechanism of action of the product Inicum, we studied its effect on growth in tomatoes in greenhouse conditions, on the microbiota and on induction of PR proteins. The first phase of the study of the mechanism of action examined the expression of specific pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins as result of transplantation and, in some cases, application of the produ...

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