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Resistance against Pyricularia and increased yield in rice cultivation with a new source of bioavailable Silicon

June 2015
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D. Beitia, F. Rodrigues, R. Brossa, J.M. Cerdà, A. Botta
Bioiberica, S.A. Research Department, Plant Physiology Division,, Viçosa Federal University (UFV), Department of Plant Pathology, Laboratory of Host-Parasite Interaction
XII Intl. Rice Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean

Rice (Oryza sativa) is a typical Silicon accumulator plant (Si), in which fertilization programs is common the application of this element for its beneficial action. Thee high accumulation Si in the shoots of rice increases both multiple resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses. Silicon is the second most abundant element on the ground, however, is poorly soluble so there is a growing need to use exogenous sources of assimilable silicon, that enhance absorption and maximize their effects. This study aimed to assess the Armúrox® as a source of silicon and its effect on resistance against Pyricularia oryzae on rice, one of the most troubling diseases that affect this crop worldwide. Armurox® employment is increasingly common in rice especially in countries of Central and South America, with increases in production and economic performance, by increasing the crop's potential, improved milling quality and the health status.

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