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Mass trapping evaluation with Cera Trap® as compared to sprays GF-120 NF Naturalyte 0.02 B.C. for the control of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) on coffee plantations at Acatenango region of Guatemala, C.A.

November 2020
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The activity of the Guatemalan coffee grower sector has generated a number of positive effects such as theThe activity of the Guatemalan coffee grower sector has generated a number of positive effects such as thecreation of employment, foreign exchange income and increased production; but it has similarly created aseries negative effects such as those that are now lived where coffee growers have been forced to look upfor new planting alternatives facing the strong global crisis that goes thr...

Electrophysiological responses of medfly to Cera Trap®and its impact on non-target insects

October 2020
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Efforts to control medfly pest relayed on bait sprays with toxic insecticides. The use of mass trapping in IPM strategies has proven to be efficient.  However, there has been much debate regarding the potential undesirable attractant impacts on non-target organisms. CeraTrap®(CT) is a pesticide-free attractant based on a liquid protein mixture successfully used over the last fifteen years on citrus, pome and stonefruits  aswell as tropical and subtropical fruits.

Evaluation of bait efficiency for control of Drosophila suzukii in berries

October 2020
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TheThespotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii( Diptera Drosophilidae is aninvasive pest that has spread around the worldover the last years This fruit fly has become amajor pest for wild and cultivated berry crops inEurope and America In the area of southern ofSpain, the largest producer of European berries,as well as in southeastern and middle Europe, thisinvasive pest has become a problem This fastgrowth of the pest needs an exhaustive fruit flymonitoring in order to adapt the best pes...

Agronomic and genetic study of the promoting effect of Equilibrium® on fruit set and fruit development in tomato.

December 2019
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The flowering and fruit set is one of the most sensitive and critical phenological stages for the productive development of the crop, especially if some stress factor is involved that can unbalance the plant and negatively affect fruit set. The state of health and nutritional balance of the plant will also determine the capacity of retention of fruits that the vegetable will be able to develop later. Organic biostimulants, such as amino acids or algae extracts, have been used for years preci...

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